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Watch I kveld med Ylvis on discovery+: http://bit.ly/IKveldMedYlvisNew Ylvis video! https://youtu.be/Smeqw0qoYBw iTunes: http://smarturl.it/YlvisFoxYlvis - [.. Ylvis is a Norwegian comedy duo consisting of brothers Vegard and Bård Ylvisåker. They debuted as professional variety artists in 2000 and have since appeared in several countries in variety shows, comedy concerts, television shows, radio shows and music videos. They hosted the Norwegian talk show I kveld med Ylvis. Their song and music video The Fox, written and filmed for the talk show. Watch I kveld med Ylvis on discovery+: http://bit.ly/IKveldMedYlvis New Ylvis video! https://youtu.be/Smeqw0qoYBw iTunes: http://smarturl.it/YlvisFox Ylvis.. A YouTube video by Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis that aims to answer that question is going viral on YouTube. Called The Fox, its chorus presents an array of onomatopoeic suggestions, from ring-ding. Press button to subscribe to our messenger bot feeding you with exclusive content, updates and more. YouTube. discovery plus Norge. 2.05M subscribers. Subscribe. Ylvis - I'm Sober | Stories from Norway | discovery+ Norge. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute

YouTube's annual Rewind collection of online videos that won the most attention at the website was headed by Ylvis musically wondering what The Fox might say With that stroke of genius, Ylvis's The Fox is the top trending video of 2013, according to stats provided by YouTube Ylvis, Psy, and How Youtube Changed the Charts. By Chris Molanph y. October 18, 2013. The most interesting song on Billboard's Hot 100 right now is one that, in some ways , should have never.

Jay Perkins, of Tulsa, Okla., set his Christmas light display to Ylvis' viral hit, The Fox. Ylvis' 'The Fox' Music Video Goes Viral Norwegian talk show hosts created wildly viral 'The Fox' video. youtube 真的很喜歡Ylvis. 【王嘉尔】我的新歌不香吗!【bilibili前访高能Ep09

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  1. Ylvis' Plans After 'The Fox': 'We Won't Be Disappointed If We're Kicked Out of the Country' The Norwegian duo on their top-selling children's book and what else is next after the.
  2. About The Fox is a song by the Norwegian comedy music duo Ylvis which gained online notoriety following the release of its music video on YouTube in September of 2013. Origin. Ylvis is a comedy duo from Bergen, Norway consisting of brothers Bård and Vegard Ylvisåker. Active since 2000, the group is primarily known in their home country for improvisational comedy on the TV Norge network.
  3. Youtube; Ylvis About Ylvis. Ylvis is a comedy duo from Norway consisting of the brothers Vegard Ylvisåker and Bård Ylvisåker. They are musiscians, TV-show hosts and comedians..
  4. Many of the songs were written in English for their variety TV show, Tonight With Ylvis, and are best consumed on YouTube with the zany accompanying videos. This is music designed to be.
  5. Das Youtube-Phänomen Ylvis. : Und der Fuchs macht A-hee-ahee ha-hee!. Von Lars Reusch. - Aktualisiert am 13.09.2013 - 18:15. Bildbeschreibung einblenden. Wie macht der Fuchs? Bild.

Ylvis (Norwegian pronunciation: [ˈʏ̀lvɪs]) is a Norwegian comedy duo consisting of brothers Vegard and Bård Ylvisåker. They debuted as professional variety artists in 2000 and have since appeared in several countries in variety shows, comedy concerts, television shows, radio shows and music videos 0:00 / 3:45. Live. •. Norwegian musical comedy duo Ylvis may be very silly, but that's not likely to hold back their next venture, an illustrated children's book based on their massive YouTube. Ylvis ist ein norwegisches Komiker- und Entertainerduo, das aus den Brüdern Vegard (* 19. Mai 1979) und Bård (* 21. März 1982) Ylvisåker besteht. Es wurde mit einem viralen Video namens The Fox auf der Website YouTube international bekannt 2013年、『I kveld med Ylvis (英語表記:Tonight with Ylvis)』のシーズン3のプロモーションのために作った『The Fox』のミュージックビデオをYouTubeで公開 。公開から2週間で再生回数は4千万回に達し、世界的に名前が知れ渡る

Years Active. 2000 - present (20 years) Ylvis is a variety show group from Bergen, Norway, consisting of the two brothers Bård Ylvisåker (born 1982) and Vegard Ylvisåker (born 1979). The brothers originated from Sogn, but grew up in Bergen and Africa. The brothers debuted professionally on 19 October 2000 at the Ole Bull Theater in Bergen. The song was included on Ylvis' CD Volume 1 and the music video debuted on I Kveld Med Ylvis 19 November, 2014. I Will Never Be A Star became a Number 1 download on Cambodia iTunes in December of 2014, and Bjarte won a 2015 Nordic Music Video Best Artist Performance award for the song, along with director (and frequent Ylvis collaborator) Ole.

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  1. Ylvis là cặp đôi nghệ sĩ hài người Na Uy gồm hai anh em Vegard Ylvisåker và Bård Ylvisåker.Họ ra mắt vào năm 2000 và từ đó đã có một chuỗi các chương trình tạp kĩ, buổi diễn hài, chương trình truyền hình, chương trình phát thanh và video âm nhạc
  2. Ylvis, Soundtrack: Kovy. Ylvis is a Norwegian comedy duo known most recently for ''What Does The Fox Say''. They started their career as singers and later talk-show hosts. 'The Fox' was meant to promote their new season to their talk-show ''I kveld med Ylvis'' but that went completely wrong but they went so viral that everyone listened to it on YouTube
  3. Ylvis是由挪威卑爾根的兩兄弟組成的一個喜劇組合。 哥哥為出生於特隆赫姆的維加特·烏爾海姆·伊爾維薩克(挪威語: Vegard Urheim Ylvisåker ;1979年5月19日 -) ,弟弟為出生於卑爾根的鮑特·烏爾海姆·伊爾維薩克(挪威語: Bård Urheim Ylvisåker ;1982年3月21日 -) 他們從2000年開始作為專業藝術家,從那.
  4. ' at you B-style, Brovis Aahh East Coast party style bitches going crazy Booty shakin' never ceases to amaze me Girl, I wanna get you in to my bed But we ain't gonna sleep, we make love instea

El Zorro , que fue lanzado el 3 de septiembre de 2013 para promover la próxima tercera serie de Kveld med Ylvis, se volvió viral en YouTube y recibió 40 millones de visitas en sus primeras dos semanas. Para enero de 2015, el vídeo cuenta con casi 500 millones de visitas See more of Ylvis HQ News Page on Facebook. Log In. o The video was released on 3 September 2013. It is performed in the style of a typical electronic dance pop song, and the lyrics are sung with deadpan seriousness. The video was originally created to promote the brand-new season of Ylvis' talk show I kveld med Ylvis on TVNorge but after being released on the TVNorge YouTube channel went viral. The video was directed by Ole Martin Hafsmo with.

With more than 190 million views in two months, the YouTube viral sensation The Fox by Norwegian comedy weirdos Ylvis hardly needed help getting seen. It got that help anyway, thanks to an. Ylvis still doesn't know what the fox says, but the Norwegian duo can take comfort: Its viral hit exploring that question has been named YouTube's top trending video of 2013.. PHOTOS: 20 Best. YouTube's annual Rewind collection of online videos that won the most attention at the website was headed by Ylvis musically wondering what The Fox might say YouTube publicó la lista de los videos más populares del año. El peculiar baile 'Harlem Shake' y el 'clip' viral de la canción del dúo noruego Ylvis sobre el zorro ocupan los primeros lugares. Op 3 september 2013 bracht Ylvis de muziekvideo The Fox uit. Deze diende ter promotie voor het derde seizoen van hun praatprogrammaI kveld med Ylvis. Na de publicatie van de video op YouTube werd deze na 10 dagen 25 miljoen keer bekeken. Op 8 oktober 2013 stond de teller zelfs op 100 miljoen views

YLVIS Fan Club. 4715 ember kedveli · 1 ember beszél erről. Fan Club for the Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis - Bård & Vegard Ylvisåker! News, Photos, Info, Exclusives, & More Творчество Радиошоу. 2006: O-fag 2008: O-fag (second series) Телешоу. 2007—2008: Norges herligste 2008: Ylvis møter veggen 2009: Hvem kan slå Ylvis 2010: Nordens herligste 2011: I Kveld med Ylvis 2012: I Kveld med Ylvis (second series) 2013: I Kveld med Ylvis (third series) Варьете. 2000: Ylvis — en kabaret 2007: Ylvis III 2011: Ylvis This will be a page about the song Yoghurt, which debuted on I Kveld Med Ylvis 28 October, 2014. I Kveld Med Ylvis Facebook Page - Yogurt Over-thinking and analyzing 'Yoghurt' I tried writing up a long analysis of yoghurt, but... Another (anonymous) theor Ylvis' nye musikkvideo ble hacket. Onsdag ble Bård og Vegard Ylvisåkers nyeste musikkvideo forsøkt hacket på YouTube. Nå vil TVNorge politianmelde saken. Tirsdag hadde Ylvisbrødrene premiere. After Ylvis helped one of the guys at Stargate prepare a birthday gift, the company had promised to produce something for the comedy duo in return, and now the guys were ready to cash in their I.O.U

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Ylvis are a Norwegian comedy duo comprising the brothers Vegard and Bård Ylvisåker. They recorded this EDM parody and its accompanying video to promote the season's première of their late-night TV talk show, I kveld med YLVIS (Tonight with Ylvis) on TV Norge. The visual quickly went viral after they uploaded it onto YouTube Ylvis è un duo comico norvegese formato dai fratelli Bård e Vegard Urheim Ylvisåker, originari di Bergen.. La loro carriera è iniziata il 19 ottobre 2000 presso l'Ole Bull Teater e da allora hanno realizzato una serie di spettacoli di varietà, concerti umoristici, show televisivi, programmi radiofonici e video musicali. Sono stati dal 2011 al 2016 conduttori del talk show norvegese, I. Ylvis - «The Fox». «What Does the Fox Say» har nå nådd over én milliard visninger på Youtube. Det var i 2013 komikerduoen Vegard og Bård Ylvisåker ga ut låten sammen med superprodusentene fra Stargate. På kort tid ble den en verdenshit. Siden gikk det radig for bergensguttene, som dukket opp i flere amerikanske TV-show og ble.

View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 2013 CD release of The Fox on Discogs Ylvis adalah nama kelompok yang terdiri dari 2 komedian Norwegia, yaitu Vegard Ylvisåker dan Bard Ylvisåker.Mereka adalah host dari acara bincang Populer Norwegia I kveld Med Ylvis Album mereka meledak pada tahun 2013 What Does The Fox Say.Video ini di unggah pada September 2013, dengan ditonton 380 juta orang (awal Maret 2014 ) membawa 2 saudara ini menjadi perhatian dunia Ylvis är en norsk komikerduo bestående av de båda bröderna Bård Ylvisåker, född 1982, och Vegard Ylvisåker, född 1979.Bröderna kommer från Sogn men växte upp i Bergen och Afrika.. De gjorde sin professionella debut år 2000 på Ole Bull teatern i Bergen med föreställningen Ylvis - en kabaret.De gjorde också en nationell turné med föreställningen och efter turnén gav de.

Ylvis este un duo norvegian de comedie format din frații Vegard și Bård Ylvisåker. Au debutat în anul 2000 și de atunci au apărut în mai multe țări într-o varietate spectacole de comedie, concerte, spectacole de televiziune, emisiuni de radio și videoclipuri muzicale. În prezent, aceștia sunt gazde ale talk-show-ului I kveld med Ylvis (in Seara asta cu Ylvis) Ylvis on norjalainen koomikkoduo, johon kuuluvat veljekset Bård Ylvisåker ja Vegard Ylvisåker.He kasvoivat Afrikassa, mutta palasivat teini-ikäisinä takaisin Norjaan. Heidän keskusteluohjelmaansa I kveld med YLVIS on esitetty TVNorgella vuodesta 2011 lähtien. Suomessa sarjaa alkoi näyttää Kutonen marraskuussa 2013 nimellä Ylvis Show.. Syyskuussa 2013 Ylvis julkaisi YouTubessa. YouTube、2013年世界人気動画を発表--Ylvis「The Fox」やJ・C・ヴァン・ダム開脚など10作品. YouTubeは米国時間12月11日、2013年人気動画トップ10を発表した.

Ylvis is made up of brothers Bård and Vegard Ylvisåker. Besides being talented musicians and pretty good dancers, the brothers have worked as comedians and talk-show hosts in their home country of Norway for many years. Their music video The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) appeared on YouTube on September 3, 2013 Da «The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)» ble lastet opp på YouTube den 3. september 2013, forventet ikke Ylvis-brødrene Bård og Vegard at det skulle bli en så ellevill suksess som det har blitt The audio answer to the question posed by the viral music hit by Ylvis: What sounds does a fox actually make? Save this story for later Hva sier reven? er en norsk barnebok fra 2013 med tekst skrevet av komikerduoen Ylvis (brødrene Bård og Vegard Ylvisåker) og tekstforfatteren Christian Løchstøer og med illustrasjoner tegnet av Svein Nyhus.Boka bygger på Ylvis-brødrenes musikkvideoparodi The Fox (What Does the The Fox Say?) som ble svært populær på nettstedet YouTube samme høst

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Ylvis是由挪威卑尔根的两兄弟Vegard和Bård Ylvisåker组成的一个组合。他们从2000年开始作为专业艺术家,从那以后有非常成功的综艺节目,喜剧音乐会,电视节目,广播节目和音乐视频.和狐狸叫音乐等。他们编写和拍摄的脱口秀节目于2013年9月在YouTube上爆红,有超过3.47亿的关注,这使兄弟受到国际社会. The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) est une chanson dance et une vidéo virale du duo humoristique norvégien Ylvis.La vidéo a été postée sur YouTube le 3 septembre 2013 et a été vue plus d'1 millard de fois depuis le 13 octobre [1].Ce morceau a été comparé au tube K-pop Gangnam Style [2].Jusqu'à présent, The Fox se positionne à la 6 e place du classement Billboard Hot 100, faisant du.

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Ylvis — Бергеннен шыққан норвегиялық комедиялық дует, Борд (Bård) және Вегард Илвисокердан (Vegard Ylvisåker) тұрады.. Кәсіби әртістер ретінде 2000 жылы көптеген юмаристикалық бағдарламаларда және комедиялық концерттерде. Ylvis er ei norsk revygruppe som består av brørne Bård Ylvisåker (fødd 21. mars 1982) og Vegard Ylvisåker (fødd 19. mai 1979). Brørne er fødde i Sogn, men er oppvaksne både i Afrika og i Bergen.. Ylvis har delteke i mange fjernsynsprogram. Dei er kjende for fjernsynsprogramma «I kveld med Ylvis», «Ylvis møter veggen» og for sceneshowa «Ylvis - en kabaret», «Ylvis - en konsert. Ylvis est un duo humoristique norvégien fondé en 2000 et composé des frères Bård Urheim Ylvisåker (21 mars 1982) et Vegard Urheim Ylvisåker (19 mai 1979) [1].Ils sont nés dans le Vestlandet, l'ouest de la Norvège.Ils ont réalisé plusieurs spectacles, émissions de télévision, de radio et clips musicaux humoristiques. Ils animent depuis 2011 le populaire talk show norvégien I. The Fox (canción) «The Fox» en YouTube. « The Fox » —en español: «El zorro»—, lanzada en algunos países con el nombre de « What Does the Fox Say? », es una canción EDM y vídeo viral del dúo noruego de comediantes Ylvis. El vídeo fue publicado en YouTube el 3 de septiembre de 2013, y ha recibido más de 900 millones de visitas Ylvis er en norsk komikerduo og musikalsk revygruppe bestående av brødrene Bård og Vegard Ylvisåker.De er kjent for sine sceneforestillinger og TV-programmer som Norges herligste, Ylvis møter veggen og I kveld med YLVIS.De fikk internasjonal oppmerksomhet i 2013 med musikkvideoen The Fox, som var en av brødrenes poplåter laget som musikkvideoparodi til talkshowserien I kveld med YLVIS.

他們曾是挪威脱口秀節目今夜YLVIS(I kveld med YLVIS)的主持人。他们為了這节目而编写並拍摄的音樂錄影帶狐狸于2013年9月在YouTube上爆红,到2020年7月為止有超过9.4亿的觀看次數,这使兄弟受到国际社会的关注 The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?), noto anche semplicemente come The Fox o come What Does the Fox Say?, è un brano musicale del duo norvegese Ylvis.Il video, inserito il 3 settembre 2013, è stato definito il top trending di YouTube di quell'anno, superando le 800 milioni di visualizzazioni totali.Pubblicato come singolo discografico è rimasto per tre settimane consecutive al sesto posto. The Fox är en låt från 2013 med den norska komikergruppen Ylvis.Den släpptes på Youtube den 3 september 2013 och hade den 17 augusti 2014 över 440 miljoner visningar. [1] Låten gick den 11 september 2013 in på en 29:e plats på Billboard Hot 100. [2]The Fox släpptes som singel på Itunes i Norge den 2 september 2013 och släpptes på Itunes i USA den 16 september Ylvis. Ylvis, 2008. Sunucu, komedyen, müzisyen. Ylvis, Norveçli iki kardeş olan Vegard ve Bård Ylvisaker'den oluşan komedi ikilisi. 2000 yılında yaptıkları ilk çıkıştan beri pek çok televizyon ve radyo şovunda, komedi gösterilerinde ve müzik videolarında görev aldılar. Şu an Ikveld Med Ylvis ( Ylvis'le Bu Akşam) adlı. Ylvis - The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) [Official music video HD] Durée de la vidéo: 3:45. Vidéo mise en ligne par: discovery plus Norge. Date de sortie de la vidéo: 7 years ago. Vues des vidéos: 1024458847. Vidéo aimé: 0. Vidéo non aimé:

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YouTube's top video of 2013 is What Does the Fox SayCómo le hacen los zorros, en realidad? (Ylvis - the foxYlvis the fox (what does the fox say?) Anime versionInternet Meme Stars in real life - Business InsiderWhat Does the Elf Say (Ylvis 'What Does The Fox SayShadow the Hedgehog Listens to "What Does the Fox Say" by