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Citizens Band (CB) radio dates back to the 1940s. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which still regulates CB, took bands from the Amateur Radio (a.k.a. Ham) Service's channel 11 to form a band (460-470 megacycles UHF) for personal and business communication, as well as for controlling model aircraft Citizens band radio (also known as CB radio ), used in many countries, is a land mobile radio system, a system allowing short-distance person-to-person bidirectional voice communication between individuals, using two way radios operating on 40 channels near 27 MHz (11 m) in the high frequency (a.k.a. shortwave) band (We scramble the signals at CB RADIO headquarters so they can't find him.) On previous visits to earth he has played with these bands: Havok Straight Lace Gyno Brothers Storm Fools Holiday Mr. Fritz. The Band With No Name Peace by Piece Whatzizface Abusement Park X-Men. The Other Unamed Band. Mo Green Hot Buttered Elvis Bloody Meri Breakfast for Dinner

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1.1 Citizens' Band ('CB') radio operates in the 27 MHz band. It is a short-range radio service for both hobby and business use. It is designed to be used without the need for technical qualifications. However, its use must not cause interference to other radio users. Consequently, only radios meeting certain specific requirements may be used. These are described below CB band frequency chart CB Radio Frequency Chart The Typical IF frequency is the frequency that is commonly used with 455 kHz If amplifiers; this frequency is often called the receive frequency whe All channels are open to all CB radio users. It looks like this: (from left - to right: frequency, channel and usage) 26,96500 - CB Channel 01 - open to all. 26,97500 - CB Channel 02 - open to all. 26,98500 - CB Channel 03 - open to all. 27,00500 - CB Channel 04 - open to all-4×4 channel What Exactly is a CB Radio? The Citizens Band (CB) radio is an open radio communication system that allows people to communicate with one another over radio-waves. It is a completely open system, and used for both business and personal use. In the United States, there are 40 different radio channels for those who wish to chat over the air

Uniden BEARCAT 980 40- Channel SSB CB Radio with Sideband NOAA WeatherBand,7- Color Digital Display PA/CB Switch and Noise Cancelling Mic, Wireless Mic Compatible 4.4 out of 5 stars 2,866 $151.98 $ 151 . 98 $179.99 $179.9 The CB radio-or Citizens band radio-was created by inventor and wireless communication pioneer Al Gross in 1945. Besides the CB radio, Gross also invented walkie talkies and the telephone pager. Gross was a brilliant inventor ahead of his time This use to be the highest CB channel - in the Smokey and the Bandit days ;-) 4.0 Watts: 24: 27.2350 MHz: AM and SSB operation allowed in the US: 4.0 Watts: 25: 27.2450 MHz: 4.0 Watts: 26: 27.2650 MHz: 4.0 Watts: 27: 27.2750 MHz: 4.0 Watts: 28: 27.2850 MHz: 4.0 Watts: 29: 27.2950 MHz: 4.0 Watts: 30: 27.3050 MHz: 4.0 Watts: 31: 27.3150 MHz: 4.0 Watts: 32: 27.3250 MHz: 4.0 Watts: 33: 27.3350 MHz: 4.0 Watts: 3 CB Radios operate on the 11 Meter Band between 26.965 MHz and 27.405 MHz w ith 40 channels. Unlike the 10 Meter Band, access to these frequencies are unrestricted by the FCC, hence the name Citizen's Band. Just keep in mind that, even for CB Radios, the FCC requires users to follow certain codes of conduct and equipment restrictions

The Citizens Band, a particular square of radio frequencies (27 MHz or 11 meters) separate from TV and different signs, was made during the 1940s to serve the overall population. It does not require a license like other transmitters. In the U.S., the Citizens Band is composed into 40 radio channels, each assigned by a number from 1 to 40 CB Radio Band, Springfield, Virginia. 458 likes. CB RADIO (formerly Cathy B & The Broadcasters) is a female-fronted adventure out the DC Metro, playing a... Jump t

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Citizen band (CB) radios have 40 channels, with channel nine allocated as the emergency communication channel. Highlights of CB radios are given below: A reliable range up to 5 miles Weather reporting from local weather channel CB Radio is a very effective means of communication between two or more people that can be used by anyone, with no need for a licence, no subscription and no on-going fees. CB radios and accessories are extremely cost effective and reliable, and CB radios can be fitted and set up within minutes, with little or no experience needed

A: A Citizens Band radio (CB radio) is a personal radio device used by individuals for communicating. It has fantastic applications in areas without cell coverage and can be a useful search-and-rescue tool AnyTone AT-6666 CB Mobile Radio The mobile radio by AnyTone is the most powerful CB radio available in mobile type, with a 10-meter range. Its frequency range is controlled using the phase lock loop synthesizer, which is programmable between the ranges of 25.615-30.105MHz and supports frequency bands of a wide range In the United States, the CB Band Radio Service, or Citizens' Band (CB), known as the Class D Citizens' Radio Service before 1976, is one of several personal radio services defined by the FCC 's Part 95 rules

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Old Midland CB that I converted to the 10m ham bands. The PLL modification allows the radio to have coverage from the CW band segment almost the the AM band. What is a SSB CB Radio? An SSB (Single sideband) CB radio is a CB radio with the SSB capability. The SSB capability is an alternative way of carrying the radio waves through the air. An SSB radio transmits and receives standard channels along with the upper and lower sideband channels, giving you more channels CB (Citizens Band) Radio Frequencies (United States) This Frequency DataBase contains the CB (Citizens Band) Frequency and Channel allocations for the United States. Some countries might be different, some are actually using UHF frequencies for their Citizen Band, so please check for your local area if outside the United States Citizens band (CB) radios are handheld or vehicle-mounted, short-distance, two-way communication devices. The radios are essential tools for many people, including emergency personnel and first responders, as well as trucking and shipping businesses. Campers, hikers, motorcyclists, and survivalists prefer them, too

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27MHZ CB RADIO 27MHZ CB RADIO Citizen Band Radio. Products. New Products. Analog Radio and Solution. Digital Radios and Solution. Citizen Band Radio. Special Radio. Sim Card Radio and Solution. WIFI Radio and Solution. Cell Phone Repeater. Accessories. ODM Products. About Us. Company Profile. Certificate. R & D. Q & C. QC Procedure. ISO Report 7 thoughts on Listening to Citizens' Band (CB) radio on your shortwave receiver Mike S March 13, 2021 at 7:43 am I used to hear CB channels on my Lowe HF-150/Wellbrook loop combo, but absolutely nothing on any other receivers. and now even the Lowe doesn't pick them up

Now in 2021 all new CB radios for sale in our CB shop are 'Multi-Standard', meaning they contain the 40 UK channels and various European bands allowing use all around Europe* Why Choose CB Radio? CB Radio is a very effective means of communication between two or more people that can be used by anyone, with no need for a licence, no subscription. 169 .21 € T.T.C. En stock Quantité. Radio CB Radio CB Albrecht AE 5090 XL 40 canaux AM/FM Le AE 5090 XL de chez Albrecht est un poste compact. Outre les fonctions CB habituelles, l'AE 5090 possède un afficheur LCD à fond bleu. S-mètre digital, mémoire de 5 canaux, micro.

Spécialiste radiocommunication à votre service depuis 1994, nous avons tout pour la communication radio de loisir, ainsi que des équipements radio destinés aux professionels. Matériel citizen band (cibi), radioamateur (décamétrique, vhf/uhf), talkie-walkies d'usage libre (canaux lpd/pmr) et professionnels, récepteurs ondes courtes et. But I always really wanted a Bandscope that would display the whole 1-2Mhz in realtime that is the CB Radio frequency spread from 26.500 - 27.700 or so covering the New Zealand CB radio allocation in mid 26MHz through to the top of 27MHz Freeband and Australian Marine Safety Band FT5DE - 5W C4FM/FM 144/430MHz Dual Band Digital Transceiver August 17, 2021 No comments The new FT5DR/E is a full-featured C4FM handheld transceiver with superior operability and new sophisticatedfunctions Walcott Radio is your one-stop CB radio shop for all things CB and Ham Radio. We have many radios, antennas and other accessories in stock, ready to ship out the same day you place an order. When you visit or buy online from Walcott Radio, you get real users of citizen band (CB) radios and equipment to work on your installations

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  1. freq mode station id 27.185 am/usb chan 19 truckers channel 27.195 - not assigned to cb, ( radio paging in s.a) 27.205 am/usb chan 20 27.215 am/usb chan 21 emergency communications 27.225 am/usb chan 22 27.255 am/usb chan 23 27.235 am/usb chan 24 27.245 am/usb chan 25 27.265 am/usb chan 26 27.275 am/usb chan 27 callin
  2. HF 3-Band antenna 3B-222 for 20m, 15m and 10m that covers also 11m CB through the power of full 3-D optimization! Perfect optimized tri-bander with excellent performance. Covers all three main upper bands. 20m, 15m 10m as well as 11m all channels. Full range. Uses a common feed line
  3. For licensing inquiries please contact Historic Films Archive(www.historicfilms.com / info@historicfilms.com)00:54:55 CB RADIO: UNITED VAN LINES TRAILER TRUC..
  4. CB refers to Citizens Band, a particular radio band within the 27 MHz band. It is separate from amateur radio, more often used by businesses. When you think of truckers communicating back and forth, they typically use a CB radio. It is due to the popularity of CB radio that rose in 1970, thanks to [

live cb radio live cb radio. livecbradio.com live cb radio. receiver location : south-east nebraska, u.s.a. live cb radio. CB Radios. Citizens band radios, better known as CB radios, provide reliable means of radio communication. They provide truckers, small businesses, and radio enthusiasts with with a system for company, information, and interaction on the road, at home, or at work

Citizens band radio (CB Radio) Citizens band radio, used in many countries, is a land mobile radio system, a system allowing short-distance person-to-person bidirectional voice communication between individuals, using two way radios operating on 40 channels near 27 MHz in the high frequency band 5. AnyTone AT-5555N 10 Meter Amateur Radio. The last spot in our SSB CB radio reviews goes to this 10 Meter amateur radio from AnyTone. This is an excellent radio that comes with multiple high-end features at half the price of what you'll get in the top-end models, making it the ideal unit for the money

Free-Band Radio? Freeband CB Radio is the use of frequencies or channels in the 11 meter frequency spectrum that are not designated to the CB Radio Service. These uses include private channels, club call channels, and even for attempting long distance contacts (DX) Inexpensive CB radio amps for beginners and top models for pros are available for purchase in our online shop. We work only with trustworthy radio equipment manufacturers. You probably know about such brands as Texas Star, and Dave Made ham radio Their broad assortment of radios and accessories now can be ordered online Currently rocking a UHF CB in the car along with my quad band amateur radio transceiver in NSW. Still a better way of getting local traffic reports than waiting for broadcast radio or fiddling. CB radios often conjure up the image of truckers talking to each while at the wheel of their respective vehicles, but since the CB licence was scrapped in 2006 they have grown in popularity. CB stands for Citizens Band and a CB radio can be useful for people who do a lot of driving, such as farmers at work, couriers and taxi drivers

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PNI Escort HP 9001 PRO CB radio AM-FM 12V / 24V 4W. £ 62.49 ex VAT. Add to basket. Compact CB Aerial mag mount PNI Extra 45 cm SWR 1.0, 26-30MHz, 150W, £ 16.66 ex VAT. Add to basket. PNI Escort HP 9500 multistandard CB Radio ASQ, VOX, Scan, 4W, AM-FM, 12V/24V. £ 70.83 ex VAT. Add to basket The PRO401HH radio is a mobile radio designed for use in the Citizens Band (CB) Radio Service. It will operate on any of the 40 AM frequencies auth... View full details Sold out $99.99 40-Channel Trucker's CB with SWR SKU: PC78LTX 40 channel trucker CB with SWR and PA function..

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Its here finally the QRP radio of the century with All Bands All Modes Bluetooth and Wifi. GPS and Bluetooth Included. For a Limited Time Only! $1,299.95* Buy More Info *After Coupons & Promotions. YAESU FT-991A All the Bands are available HF, 6M, 2M and 70CM with this all mode color screen CRFM Fusion Yaesu offering.. This durable CB radio is built to go wherever you go with HI/LO power settings to prolong battery life. 1. (1) $ 59.99. Learn More. 75-822 Portable/Mobile CB Radio. $ 124.99. This two-in-one CB radio is portable and lightweight, and can be converted to a mobile radio with required accessories (sold separately) All the radios have 2 bands of 40 channels each - one band is the original UK 40 (made legal in 1981), the second band is the EU 40 (also known as Mid Band or CEPT). All 80 channel radios are compatible with the older 40 channel UK radios (eg those marked 27/81). The latest trend is for new radios to be multi-standard. This means that they. What are CB Radios? Citizens Band Radio (CB Radio for Short) is primarily used for short-range radio communication. Using the 11 meter band with frequencies between 26.965 MHz and 27.405 MHz, this two-way voice communication service is a perfect medium for localized emergency communication during disasters, highway communication between truck drivers, and of course, good old-fashioned fun for. Cobra 29 LX BT Classic CB Radio with Bluetooth Best Unit Available. 4.5 out of 5 stars. (43) 43 product ratings - NEW!! Cobra 29 LX BT Classic CB Radio with Bluetooth Best Unit Available. $179.00. $16.95 shipping. or Best Offer. PRESIDENT MCKINLEY 40CH/SSB RADIO

In the mid-70s, which seemed to be th heyday of CB radio, I had my amateur radio license (General Class). As I recall there were a number of CB organizations that really helped out during emergencies and even would set up road side assistance Citizen's Band (CB) radios were popular among truckers before cell phones gained popularity. It's not hard to see why: The radios offered 40 channels for public radio transmission, which made it easy to find other people to talk to, but only allowing one person to talk at a time guaranteed nobody would be interrupted even on busy channels Mary Elizabeth A CB radio's average range is between 1 and 5 miles, according to the FCC, but the terrain and the antenna might increase it. A CB radio is a citizen's band radio — a radio that features the 40 channels in the 27 MHz range that the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has set aside for unlicensed public use, whether personal or commercial

Citizen Band Radio GURL. With this licence you can own and operate Citizen Band (CB) radios (also known as Personal Radio Service or PRS) — and communicate with other people over short distances — without the need to get a licence in your own name or pay licence fees. About this General User Radio Licence (GURL CB talk is a trucker CB radio app designed and marketed by the CB radio giant Midland. CB talk is the best CB app you would get to experience real CB channels on your smartphone. Although this app cannot turn your smartphone completely into a CB radio, CB talk is the best among all the CB apps that can give a closely similar CB radio experience

Color. Choose an option AT-708. AT-708. AT-708. Clear. Anytone CB radio AT-708 24.265-29.655MHz Citizen Band Radio Mobile Radio quantity. Add to cart. SKU: 4001259013492 Categories: Mobile Radio, Two-Way Radio Tags: ANYTONE, Car Radio, CB Radio, Mobile Radio. Description Storia. La citizens' band nacque negli Stati Uniti come uno dei vari servizi radio regolamentati dopo il 1945 dalla Federal Communications Commission (FCC) per consentire ai cittadini di utilizzare una banda di frequenze radio per la comunicazione personale (ad esempio i modellini radiocomandati, le chiacchiere fra parenti ed amici, le piccole imprese) 1. Quansheng UV-R50. The first of the choices to look at is this Quansheng handheld CB radio. This offers a dual-band setup that works with VHF, UHF, and FM radio signals. The user can adjust the bandwidth on the radio in moments to create a better connection all the way CB Radio Enthusiasts Of The Philippines, Quezon City, Philippines. 418 likes · 2 talking about this. Citizens Band (CB) Radio Community - Everyone is Welcome to Share and Post. Disclaimer: These are.. Once you convert the Stryker SR-25MC You will have all of the Bands of a normal export radio, and higher power, as well as the .5 optio

La citizen-band, ou CB (francisation partielle de l'anglais citizens' band, « bande des citoyens », ou citizen's band, « bande du citoyen »), est une bande de fréquence HF comportant quarante canaux banalisés, ouverte à tous.En français, le sigle CB se prononce / s i. b i / à l'anglaise [1].Par extension, le mot CB désigne également les émetteurs radio émettant sur la bande CB The PRESIDENT name is intimately acquainted with the world of CB radios. PRESIDENT is the representative of a Citizen Band which brings purist CB users and technology amateurs of the whole world together Citizens Band Radio (CB Radio). 1,554 likes · 1 talking about this. In India, Citizens Band (CB) is a system of short-distance radio communications between individuals on a selection of 40 channels.. 27.555Mhz - Channel 12 High Band - USB CALLING (International) - NOT LEGAL IN UK. 27.73125Mhz - Channel 14 UK Band - FM CALLING (Home Base) 27.78125Mhz - Channel 19 UK Band - FM CALLING (Mobile) UK LEGAL CB Radio Frequencies. German Legal CB Radio Frequencies The CB-band is usually allocated to the segment 26.965-27.405 (most countries where CB is allowed) divided into 40 channels. There are a few other allocations as well. Check out some of them here... In the 70's and 80's, a huge number of CB radios were made in Japan, with various PCB:s manufactured by Cybernet Electronics

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Bob Artigo and Dave Wisherd founded CPI in early 1975 11m 27MHz CB Loop Antenna with RG-58 Coax. STONER Pro-40 CB SSB Base Station #322 SHOW YOUR RADIO SHACK TRAM D201 VFO RF SIGNAL FREQUENCY COUNTER CYMOMETER TESTER 0.1 MHZ ~ 65 MH Citizen Band Radio (or CB for short) was effectively invented in 1945 by the inventor of the Walkie Talkie Al Gross and the US Navy. Navy high-command recommended a Citizens band width be set up for the use of the returning Veterans to help them continue networking with their new friends Welcome to Easy CB Radio! This site focuses on simplicity — that is, getting you talking on the air ASAP. In other words, we explain how to do a quick and easy set up that minimizes the need for technical know-how. Explore our menu (see the three bars in the upper right corner if you are using a mobile browser) to get started CB is a two-way radio, so FCC will not permit the usage of any channels exclusively for single side-bands. In short, all CB channels must be used with other users. All CB transmitters must be FCC-certified, so make sure to check that out when you get your equipment

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  1. > Transceivers Grand Public > Citizen Band > Radio CB. Radio CB Il y a 9 produits. Afficher : Grille; Liste; Tri. Comparer (0) Résultats 1 - 9 sur 9. Aperçu rapide. 49,00 € Disponible CRT MILLENIUM POSTE MULTINORMES EUROPEENNES AM/FM CITIZEN BAND.
  2. HISTORY. The PRESIDENT name is closely linked to the CB radio world. More than a name, PRESIDENT is the representative of the Citizen's Band which unites millions of CB users all over the world : drivers, purists and technology fans
  3. Since the inception of CB radio, when the FCC took the 11 Meter band from the Amateur Radio community in the 1950s, the equipment and uses have evolved over the years. From those old days when you could hear a pin drop on your AM CB rig to today when you tune in SSB stations from all over the world
  4. Citizens Band CB Radio Publications and Catalogs. This is a collection of magazines, publications and catalogs about Citizens Band Radio. S9 Magazine was founded by Cowan Publishing to serve the rapidly growing CB enthusiast market. It included articles by authors like Tom Kneitel, Dan Stoner, Herb Friedman, Lee Aurick, Ed Noll, Len.

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  1. Midland - 75 40-Channel CB Radio - Black. Model: 75-822. SKU: 9391339. User rating, 4.1 out of 5 stars with 24 reviews. (24) Price Match Guarantee. $107.99
  2. There are 80 Channels of free UHF CB Two Way Radio Channels that have been set aside for the general public to use. These frequencies are in the UHF Band between 476.4250 and 477.4125 MHz. Any frequencies outside of this band are for COMMERCIAL USE ONLY and all need to be licenced
  3. Sort of. For the 10 meter band only, and you need to shorten it. Or, for 12 meters, you need to lengthen it. Mostly, if you want on the HF bands (High frequency - Wikipedia), you will need a multi-band antenna like a Screwdriver antenna, or a tapp..
  4. Previously, CB radio users were provided a license by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), which is why CB radio used to be much more polite and courteous than it is now. Now, CB radio is.
  5. Citizens' Band radio (often shortened to CB radio) is, in many countries, a system of short-distance radio communications between individuals on a selection of 40 channels within the 27-MHz (11 m) band.The CB radio service is distinct from FRS, GMRS, MURS, or amateur (ham) radio. In many countries, CB does not require a license and, unlike amateur radio, it may be used for business as.
  6. Several months ago I posted a thread on the acceptance of cb radios converted to the hf bands in the Ham Community. I am posting this new thread to let everyone who is interested in making one of these basic conversions that I will be in the next few weeks giving out the conversion info that I use in converting the Uniden Grant XL and the Cobra 148 SSB Radios to the 20 meter band

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  1. ated large multifunction meter, AWI, RB, receive/transmit indicator, factory talkback and echo & more. DX55HP2. List Price $269.95 - More Info. Our Price $219.95 Buy Now and Save $$$
  2. imal methods of communication as there were no mobile phones at that time. At that time CB radios were introduced so that people on the road could communicate with each other. But over time people started buying mobile phone and the CB radios weren't as popular anymore. That they ar
  3. CB radios are used for communication between individuals using a range or selection of 40 channels that can be found within the 27 MHz (11 m) band. While there are many CB radio models available, all of them transmit with the same four watts of power, since this is a base requirement
  4. 13 June 2010. Since 8 December 2006, CB Radio has been exempt from the need to hold a Wireless Telegraphy (WT) Act licence, providing that the equipment is operated in accordance with the technical parameters set out in the regulations. CB users share spectrum which is in a frequency band managed by the Ministry of Defence (MOD)
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Citizens Band Radios are very powerful both-way radio transmitters that operate on 27 MHz HF band. Retaining a 1-15 miles range reserve, CB radios are designated to function on 4 watts of power on the AM band and 12 watts on the sideband (at peak time) according to FCC guidelines Media in category CB radios The following 42 files are in this category, out of 42 total. 10 Meter 2Way Radio.jpg 858 × 530; 275 KB. 2007-12-06 Hand-held citizens' band (CB) radio.jpg. Albrecht Bill Jackson-0012.jpg. Amateur radio (4540749137).jpg. Amateur radio equipment.cropped.jpg 459 × 505;. Kenwood TS-890s + HF - 6M Band Scope Auto-Scroll Mode 100W Output. £3,499.96. ADD TO BASKET. Kenwood TS-890s + HF - 6M Band Scope Auto-Scroll Mode 100W Output. Click on the link for the Kenwood TS-890S BrochureKey Features, This is the first model from the company to also support 4m band4 kinds of built-in ro.. Citizens' Band Radio (CBs) CBs are the old standby, bringing to mind the image of Smokey and the Bandit-era truckers using the radios as their only form of communication before the widespread.

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  1. Wired Security Cameras. UHF CB Radios & Scanners. UHF Mobile Radios. UHF CB Handheld Radios. Marine Radios. Scanners. 27MHz CB Radios. Antennas & Mounts. Land
  2. A citizens band (CB) radio is both a receiver and a transmitter. A radio receiver is an electronic device that receives audio signals through an antenna, then amplifies and sends the sound to speakers. A transmitter does the opposite: it takes microphone (a reverse speaker) signals, converts them into electronic signals, and distributes them.
  3. g in from the states and the amateur radio brigade trying to outlaw them. At that time a few model aircraft enthusiasts used the 27khz band but soon there were millions on there. Who remembers Convoy and Convoy UK in the charts. The CB'ers won and changed the restrictive regime tha

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Citizens Band Radio Service (CB) CB service allows two-way radio communications. CB service operates on 40 shared channels on a take-turns basis, meaning no CB channel is assigned to any specific individual or organization. Users must never talk with another station for more than 5 minutes continuously, and must wait at least one minute. Midland M-10. New mobile CB radio with USB/Bluetooth options. B Grade Model. £99.95 £84.95 Add. Read More GME UHF Band CB Radios. Uniden UHF CB Radios. Icom UHF CB Radios. Uniden GPS Accessories. SSB CB Radios. Although access to its 27 MHz frequency was originally planned to be a short-term solution for Australia back in the 1970s, SSB radio has been a key part of the CB revolution for decades now. CB became legal in the 1970s after truckers. The Radio stand for Single-Sideband Citizens Band Radios It has the high power Cb that can transmit Future. Hear How you can use these types of radio. No-2- Listen before talk. The system is using a what is ssb cb radio is so easy, just like a piece of cake. Very first, you have to understand the basic and rules Of it

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Citizen Band Radio, or CB radio, is short-distance radio communication system commonly used by truckers or state officials like police. It has lost its popularity in the 21st century due to the influx of modern communication devices. You can still have a valid communication system between a group of pals or for emergency contact using CB radio A - On some CB Radios, such as the Uniden 880, 980, & the Galaxy DX-959, DX-929, DX-939 & DX-979F, there is either a built-in, or add-on Optional, 5 or 6 digit frequency counter display. This will show you the actual RF Frequency of the CB channel you are tuned to (ie.. 27.4050 Mhz is CB channel 40), Here is a Table of all 40 US / Canada CB. Daftar Harga radio cb Terbaru Juni 2021. Harga SRC CB RADIO #SRC-CBRADIO. Rp150.000. Harga Gazden Antenna CB 11 Meter Band Baru Antena Radio Komunikasi. Rp950.000

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